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I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,

I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.

O Captain! My Captain!
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I am literally the least scary person in the world. Friend away!

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also into cats, amist i bovvered forsooth?, arthurian legends, asshole!frank, audrey hepburn, bass guitars, bass players, being a fucking badass, being a ghey-mahn-nuwh, being awesome, being pretentious, colin morgan's ears, comely irish and shaggable, creepy winks, damning the dead-eyed hipsters, daydreams, dean winchester, dean/food, dean/impala, dean/your mom, ee cummings, emotional heimlichs, feeling infinite, frank iero's eyebrows, frank iero's porn face, frank iero's stage shenanigans, frank the talking locker, gay video diaries, hodges' mancrush on grissom, hot nerds with motorcycles, ignoring gender lines altogether, inappropriate crushes, intending to watch movies, interests that are long, jared padalecki, jared's flower nipple, jensen ackles, jensen's hairspray commercial, jensen's shirtless scenes, kickin' cheekbones, kievs, kripke's mancrush on jensen, making out, messy hair, michael rosenbaum, mikey the slap-fairy, mr bill: oh nooo, my wentzian man-baby: musicale, naked jared and jensen, nervous laughter, oh captain my captain, pasty irish boys, polysyllabic adventures, pop culture references, post-concert soreness, pronoun games, racism against gingers, reading at night, reinvention, restoring the balance to nature, ridiculous crime dramas, rolled-up sleeves, romcoms, russia, sam winchester, sam/research, simply walking into mordor, smeckles, sociopathic geniuses, sparkly balloons!!11!!, srs bzns, take me to glasgow, tattoos, the brothers way, the lulz, the smell of rain, the way sisters, uhh-ing and umm-ing, walter/root beer floats, wearing too much eyeliner, wentzian wit, whimsy, wilson's mancrush on house, writing at night